Atlantis Untold, How it All Started

It all started one day with a little book.
Who doesn’t love movies?  Everyone does!  And who thinks a movie can be produced in a very un-Hollywood way with no investors or capital…  some do and and have done it well!  But, until my husband and partner Nigel, offered to create some music for a little children’s book I wrote ages ago, I would have definitely been a non-believer!
Itching to create a full orchestral sound for my book, Nigel went and did it.  The name of the book is From Little Things Big Things Grow.  I know, it’s a title you’ve heard a million times but this is different because it is actually happening.  From the embryo of our first little seed idea, a harvest is now sprouting and flourishing into a full length feature film.   Atlantis Untold the movie, is now underway making way, with the help of our community, friends and family.  (Sneak Peak: Atlantis Untold Sneak Peak)
So if you would like to see where it all started, grab a copy of my book from Amazon at: From Little Things Big Things Grow



Delighted to support Little Big Shots!

Designworks Advertising…  home of NLE Studios and Atlantis Untold the movie are delighted to support ACCM  in presenting Little BIG Shots, Australia’s International Film Festival for Kids at the Palace Nova Cinema in October 2016.  Click this link to find out all about it:   Little Big Shots

littlebigshotsJack and his friends Archie and Miles have been warned!  ‘Tests on Mr Raven’s desk before he gets there…  OR ELSE!’ but it hasn’t entered Mr Ravens head that these little children will turn out to be big shots!  How?  You’ll have to see the movie Atlantis Untold  in 2017 to find out.


Hidden Rewards at Cornucopia

Rory warns the boys about their hot-tempered teacher but nobody knows who the cranky Mr Raven really is!  Jack has no idea of the trouble he will soon be in when he arrives in the classroom.  Can Jack’s friend Archie help?  Find out when you see the movie!  Check out the Atlantis Untold Sneak Peek  and please like us there!
from recent location shoot at Warriparinga Wetlands at Marion… thank you City of Marion and the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

Next Location Shoot

Things are progressing well with the production of Atlantis Untold and we are really excited about our next location shoot which will be at the Warriparinga Wetlands at Marion, thanks to the Marion Council.  We can’t believe how much work is involved in producing a movie and without help from the community it simply couldn’t be done on a small budget!  Hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek and don’t forget to send your encouragement with a like…  we will love you for it!

Ride For Glenelg Community Hospital

NLE Studios, Producers of the movie Atlantis Untold, are happy to support Glenelg Community Hospital in their major fundraiser for 2016 ‘Ride For The Hospital’.  If you are a  bike riding enthusiast you might enjoy supporting Mick Annandale and his son James when they ride 300k’s from Pt Augusta to Glenelg to raise funds for the hospital’s ‘Theatre Bed’s Project’.  100% of any monies raised by this event will go towards this project.  Link for donations

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