Atlantis Untold, How it All Started

It all started one day with a little book.
Who doesn’t love movies?  Everyone does!  And who thinks a movie can be produced in a very un-Hollywood way with no investors or capital…  some do and and have done it well!  But, until my husband and partner Nigel, offered to create some music for a little children’s book I wrote ages ago, I would have definitely been a non-believer!
Itching to create a full orchestral sound for my book, Nigel went and did it.  The name of the book is From Little Things Big Things Grow.  I know, it’s a title you’ve heard a million times but this is different because it is actually happening.  From the embryo of our first little seed idea, a harvest is now sprouting and flourishing into a full length feature film.   Atlantis Untold the movie, is now underway making way, with the help of our community, friends and family.  (Sneak Peak: Atlantis Untold Sneak Peak)
So if you would like to see where it all started, grab a copy of my book from Amazon at: From Little Things Big Things Grow



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