Avian Antics On Board the SV Aakarmiah

The Noble family’s dream of travelling to Falmouth on the SV Aakarmiah has finally been realised.  Jack, Skye and their father William are all on board now and after lengthy preparations,  the great vessel is finally underway making way.

But Why is the cage door of Captain Starke’s pet bird Gudgee wide open and where is his precious little Gudgee?  Looks as though Skye knows something!  Is she speeding off to find Jack or is there a chance she will find Gudgee before anyone sees the empty cage.  Who knows?

One thing for sure, Captain Starke of the SV Aakarmiah is not going to be happy!

Check out the movie Sneak Peak at:   Atlantis Untold Sneak PeakBird.jpg

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