Fury on Deck

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With the Doldrums behind them, the tranquilizing effect of salty air has lulled Jack and Skye into a deep slumber within the galley of the gently rocking SV Aakarmiah.

Oblivious to the onset of ferocious conditions on deck, they awaken to the shock of Bosun Lance’s urgent efforts to get them up there without delay.

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The Most Dangerous Journey of All

The blowing of a kiss, the excitement of the moment, the journey of a lifetime!

Tears are not enough to keep Jack and Skye at Clemmie’s side.  As the SV Aarkarmiah slides out to sea, the reality of their departure bites into her heart like a ravenous wolf.  Nothing can quell the storm of emotion that buffets her resolve to stay composed.

Clemmie’s Secret Will Break Your Heart!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to complete this fabulous project, Atlantis Untold the movie.   See this link:  Clemmie’s Secret

This scene was shot on greenscreen and you are seeing it before the background of the set has been inserted.   Watch 54 seconds of Clemmie’s Secret and see if you can work out what it’s about!

Pledge your support with post production by donating to Atlantis Untold Go Fund Me campaign  Atlantis Untold Go Fund Me and be a part of this exciting project!

The Atlantis Effect in Bengkulu

Happy Scout Day!  These happy scouts are building their frame for the 2017 Jambora Scout Competition and still found time to send us their likes for our Atlantis Untold Cinema Sample video.  Seems brothers and sisters are important to these industrious and dedicated scouts who are celebrating 56 years of scouting.  Jack and Skye may have started a ripple effect to come, that might build into a wave of co-operation and synergy among siblings in families


Nice collection of Awards Hermione

Your review of The Mummy captures what is going on in Hollywood right now.  I don’t pretend to know a lot about it except for what I see and what I see is the repackaging of classic stories using the same template for financial success.  What audiences are hungering for is story.  Story that captures the imagination and draws the mind and heart toward undreamed of possibilities, just waiting to be awakened in our lives.

Atlantis Untold is such a story, both powerful and unique.  It harnesses the silent possibilities that lay waiting in each persons life, ready to blossom into glory and success at the sound of a courageous heart that says ‘I will!’.

Atlantis Untold is everybody’s story.

Atlantis is Rising

Exciting news and happy rewards for hardworking cast and crew!  Atlantis Untold the movie is fast becoming a reality.  We screened the first 20 minutes at GU Cinema Glenelg and knocked it out of the park with compelling visuals and rousing sound.

We are deep in to post production with a couple of final shoots to complete all sequences ie to populate the Aureole, to feature a solo singing scene in Seludion and provide a barking dog for Bill Vennings rescue scene.

Click this link for a sample at the cinema:   Atlantis Untold sample at the Cinema